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Our Investment Principles

Trained instrument pilots learn the importance of reading, understanding and trusting the instruments in front of them and then following defined procedures to safely reach their destination. Otherwise, particularly when the view is obscured, their “emotions” or “feelings” may tell them to act counter to what the actual situation requires.

Similarly, there are times when movements in the financial markets can create an emotional response that causes us to want to do the opposite of what we think we should do. Even though most investors agree they should “buy low and sell high,” various factors can make it seem when the markets are at their peaks that they should buy and at their low points when they sell.

We help clients determine what is important to them, what they want to achieve financially and what constitutes manageable risk to them individually. With this knowledge, we develop a plan, based on a defined set of investment principles, that is designed to enable us to work together, in good markets or turbulent ones, to stay the course or make adjustments as needed to help them reach their destination.